With children

Auch, Cœur de Gascogne, labeled Famille Plus since 2018, welcomes families with children.

6 commitments for hosting adults and children:

  • A personalized welcome for families
  • Entertainment suitable for all ages
  • From smallest to largest : price to suit everyone
  • Activities for young and old , to live together or separately
  • All shops and services at hand
  • Children looked after by our professional

Famille Plus Label ensure a great holiday where ever you go.

A tailor-made infrastructure for families

Coming to Grand Auch coeur de Gascogne with your family? Want to introduce your children to the heritage of Gascony? Find ideas for activities to do with the kids, so children and grown-ups alike can enjoy all the area’s attractions !

  • Events for instance festivals “Pirouette Circaouette” or “N’Amasse pas Mousse”
  • Itineraries, circuits and treasure hunts
  • Sites and monuments
  • Museums
  • Crafts
  • Parks and gardens
  • Swimming-pool
  • Play areas, sports
  • Culture and leisure as activities with Pays d’art et d’histoire
  • Outdoor and indoor activities

The tourist office helps you to identify the offer available to families.

Our counsellors advise you to ensure a great holiday and an unmissable stay. Find activities, tricks and good plans on our blog.

Grand Auch coeur de Gascogne is increasing its efforts to welcome little ones and to propose age-appropriate activities, giving parents the time to take full advantage of their holidays.

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